5 Facts About Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries in the world where tourists do not know what to expect. Although the Internet can provide information about places, food, culture and what to do in this country, there are many surprises when you finally get there. This fascinating country offers several Christmas gifts to meet everyone’s expectations and budget. Here are five destinations that you should never miss in Turkey.

Unique rock formations in Cappadocia

Even if you’ve been to Cappadocia a couple of times, you’ll be surprised how beautiful and magnificent these unique rock formations are. Apart from the breathtaking view of the rock formations, you can stay in the luxurious hotels found in these rock formations. This is one of the most famous accommodations among tourists these days. You will also find some houses and caves within these rock formations, which is quite surreal to see personally. You can ride a hot air balloon to make your visit more fascinating and truly memorable.

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The calcium pools in Pamukkale

You can see one of the great wonders that the natural environment can do. The calcium waters solidified in Pamukkale will leave you fascinated and interested with its beautiful blue waters and pools of white limestone pools. This destination is now considered a famous tourist attraction in Turkey and is well preserved by UNESCO to promote the beauty of nature.

The ruins of Pergamon

This was an ancient Greek city that prospered many years ago, but now it is a ruin. However, the ruins of this old city are becoming more popular as this destination in Turkey offers an excellent backdrop to the ancient world. The ruins continue to entertain tourists with its vast location and impressive ruins. Be sure to visit Pergamon when you are in Turkey to create great memories and pictures to take home with you.

Sumela Monastery

Most tourists do not know this exotic destination, but the Sumela Monastery is a panoramic sight that should not be missed. This monastery was built on the side of a cliff that rises behind the monastery building. The view is lovely and almost fairy tale, which is fantastic to see. This is included in the East Black Sea region, which also hosts many interesting panoramic views to capture your heart.

Palaces in Istanbul

You can not go hiking or sightseeing in Istanbul in one day, as it offers many places to visit. Three of the most visited tourist destinations in Istanbul are the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi. These impressive and glamorous buildings are some of the world-renowned structures. The grandeur of these structures will make you great memories of Turkey.